Rev. Edward McGuire’s role in Christian Education

McGuire_portraitThis week Christian education returns (Sept 18, 2016). In that spirit we remember Rev. Edward McGuire (1813-1858), not only as the longest standing rector but also a leader in Christian education in this church and community. In 1823, Rev. Edward McGuire created Faulkner Hall for Christian Education; was involved as a trustee and organizer in various academies in Fredericksburg; and participated in the fund raising effort for the future Virginia Theological Seminary.

In 2009, Trip Wiggins did a forum presentation of Edward McGuire – here .

Trip himself has led the “Early Bird” Christian education group for years and is the archivist for the church.

McGuire may be the most important St. Georgian in our history. He has a hall and room named for him; is the only rector with a plaque in the church; and was honored with a stained glass window (“Ascension”) purchased in his name in 1885.

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