History Sept 8, 2016

carrolquenzelRecently, a website was setup to highlight St. George’s history over the past 300 years. These columns in the email newsletter will direct you to a weekly article. You can also find the mostly recently published articles on the right side of the website.

This week’s article is about Quenzel’s History of St. George’s Church published in 1951. Actually, you can find the entire book here since it is a St. George’s publication. This IS the first place to get an understanding of who we are. It is a constant reference source among those seeking more information about our history.

Carrol Quenzel was both a librarian and professor of history at Mary Washington College (1943-1968). The history he wrote was “at the suggestion of the Vestry.” He was also a member of the Vestry serving as senior warden and was co-editor with Mary Faulkner of the first newsletter begun in 1963. Betty Stephens worked for him in the library the summer after her graduation and remembers him as easy to work with but who wanted her to be precise about her work and “do it right.” Under that business like demeanor she remembers that he had a very dry wit.

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