The origins of AIM, 2000 (Adventures in Mission) 1991-1994

This begins a week of looking at AIM 2000. From preliminary work in 1991 until the books were closed in 2000, AIM 2000 occupied the church for almost a decade. The current interior spaces of McGuire Hall and Faulkner and Sydnor Hall were renovated during this period as well as the church being painted.

10 years after a previous renovation in 1981, the Vestry in  April, 1991  committed itself to retire debts, “complete restoration of the church” , and “meet future space mission needs (including handicapped accessibility”).

Preliminary work from 1991 included physical survey of restoration and repair by Tidewater Restorations, Inc, paint samples collected, and an outline for a Historic Structures Report done and a review of architects for the work.  The Historic Structures report was completed in 1993.

AIM 2000  (Adventures in Ministry) originated on June 6, 1993  in a report to the Vestry

The goals were:

  1. “To restore and renew our historic physical plant to meet ministry and mission requirements of our community of faith”
  2. “To expand and re-equip the physical plant to support our community of faith in its ministry and mission into and beyond the Year 2000
  3. “To fund our continued leadership in church growth, historic preservation, community service and social advocacy”

The Vestry endorsed the program and directed the committee to continue its work of developing a Master Plan to implement these goals.  The Vestry authorized Junior Warden Pam Jewett-Bullock to execute a contract with Quinn-Evans Architects of Washington DC to develop the initial plans

In the same month the church was rocked with a financial scandal involving funds taken by the treasurer.  The Master Plan report was dated Feb., 1994

AIM 2000 Master Plan