Quenzel’s History of St. George’s

carrolquenzelThis is our most recent history published by the Vestry of the church in 1951. The history was written “at the suggestion of the Vestry”. No history of the church had been published since Philip Slaughter’s A History of St. George’s Parish in the previous century .

Carrol Quenzel was both a librarian and historian at Mary Washington College 1943-1968. In that capacity he participated in a major expansion of the library. The library not only doubled in size but increased the number of volumes from 24,000 to 150,000. A $10,000 scholarship was setup at Mary Washington in 1972 for a student who had worked in the library or majored in history.

Quenzel was also active in the church helping to start the newsletter with Mary Faulkner in the early 1960’s and serving on the Vestry.

His approach was largely to tell the story through the rectors. Quenzel’s history tapped numerous sources of the church through private holdings. Chief among these was W. A. Smoot’s copy of the Rev. Edward Randolph’s spiritual autobiography.


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