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Big Red Doors

Bazil Gordon (1768-1847), benefactor of the 2nd Church

Return to referring page Bazil Gordon is known for supporting the 2nd church throught the gift of the font (still used today) and for purchasing a pew.  He was  not only a prosperous merchant in Falmouth in the import export trade, but has  said to be the first millionaire in America by the time he […]

Big Red Doors

The Pews, Part 3

Return to referring page We have looked at the design of the pews in part 2 and now we turn to how the pews contributed financially to the Church. The pews paid for the 1849 Church and until the 1920’s generally contributed at least 4% of more of revenue back to the Church per year. […]

Getting Started in St. George's History - 6 essential resources

Selections from several categories of our history.

5. Rev. Edward McGuire

McGuire served all 3 churches over the course of 45 years. He is probably the most influential of all our rectors in all phases of ministry from preaching, teaching, and outreach. Trip Wiggins, our archivist, wrote this for a Sunday school class and has been teaching classes for years


6. Tom Faulkner confronts the Vestry on race

Faulkner served St. George's for 30 years from 1946-1976. During these years racial policies were paramount, especially 1954, in the year of Brown vs. Board of Education, Faulkner was challenged by the Vestry on the role of Blacks in our service. He was able to move St. George's toward racial justice that other rectors would further

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