1983 Pictorial Directory

This is the oldest known pictorial directory. It is not a parish directory which contains baptism, receptions, confirmations, marriages, deaths but a directory of pictures of the church, employees, parishioners as well as addresses.

Pictures were taken over 7 days – Sept. 28, 29, 30, Oct. 1, 2, 5, 6, 1982 with review dates of proofs later in October. The incentive was to have your picture taken and get the directory free. There was a possible makeup day in Nov. The only notice of distribution was in June, 1983 when those who had their picture taken had already been mailed a copy. If you didn’t have your picture taken, you could buy the directory for $2.00.

Unfortunately, the directory did not have a date. Besides the above dates, we know Thom Guthrie, featured as the minister of music, did not begin at St. George’s until mid Aug., 1982. Charlie Hooten pictured as treasurer did not retire until May, 1986. Guthrie was to remain until Aug. 1987. Thus the dates anyway would have to be between Aug., 1982 and May., 1986.

Thanks for Charles Sydnor for originally identifying separate unlabeled pictures of the employees. In particular, Cindy Helton had a copy of the directory and graciously lent it to be scanned. Olan Mills created the publication.

The directory is important for pictures of both leaders and parishioners that you would not find in one place. Also you see pictures of Faulkner Hall before renovated in the 1990’s as well as the nave before the renovation and before the pews on the right were removed for an elevator.

In addition we have individual proofs of 3 pages, the employees and two others of events in the church and the church. These will be shown and then below it is the directory. The pages are marked in the directory. From top left, Rev. Charles Sydnor, rector; Elizabeth Roberson, church secretary; Thom Guthrie, minister of music; Reginald Coleman, sexton; Katherine Haymes, financial secretary; Charles Hooten, treasurer




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1983 Pictoral Diretory