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Evening Prayer 1982 in celebration of Washington’s 250th birth

Published Date - April 17,2020  Chronology - 1982

Return to referring page From the archives of Barbara Willis. Worship with the 1662 Prayer Book:

George Washington at St. George’s

Published Date -  Chronology - 1740

Return to referring page The first parish church was designated to be at Germanna, the home of Alexan­der Spotswood. To accommodate the ar­riving settlers, the first vestry ordered two small frame churches built in 1724 in the eastern part of the county. In 1732, the vestry began planning to relocate the northern church on a […]

The Front Steps

Published Date - April 13,2020  Chronology - 2011

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The Front Steps

Published Date - March 09,2020  Chronology - 1849

The steps for the 1849 church were made of Aquia Sandstone mined in Stafford County. Fifty years earlier building material for the White House and U.S. Capitol. Its flaws led to it disuse. The church faced a substantial cost in 2011 to repair inherent issues within the stone as well as improper repairs. Tidewater Restoration […]

The Eagle Lectern

Published Date - March 05,2020  Chronology - 1895

Return to referring page “In 1895 Mrs. Annie T. Harrison of Philadelphia, a generous friend of St. George’s on numerous occasions, presented the congregation with ‘a very beautiful and costly antique brass’ lectern. (Quenzel, Page 57). It honored George Rothrock (1798-1865) and his wife Louisiana Rothrock who is buried in our graveyard and was in […]

“What Happened to Riches Filched from Fredericksburg”- John Banks

Published Date - February 19,2020  Chronology -

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St. George’s Civil War – Part 9 – Aftermath and Conclusion

Published Date - February 04,2020  Chronology -

Return to referring page The war ended in 1865 leaving Fredericksburg in disarray, affecting all life within. John Hennessy, National Park chief historian of Fredericksburg, writes “By war’s end, the community had been transformed, physically (more than 80 buildings destroyed – just under 10% of the city), economically (personal wealth dropped by more than 70%), […]

Part 8 – The Church as a Hospital

Published Date - February 03,2020  Chronology -

Return to referring page By May, 1864, Julia Wheelock, a Union Relief Worker,  describes the medical scene, after the three of the four Civil War battles that affected Fredericksburg: “All the public buildings—the Court-House, churches, hotels, warehouses, factories, the paper mill, theatre, school-buildings, stores, stables, many private residences— and, in fact, everything that could give […]

St. George’s Civil War – Part 7 – Return of the Church

Published Date -  Chronology -

Return to referring page Church services had been a part of the both armies on Sunday. But after Antietam in September, 1862 more and more revivals were requested by the soldiers themselves and not necessarily from chaplains. Many troops also came from a revivalist background.  Officers supported revivals since there was the belief that Christian […]

St. George’s Civil War – Part 6 – The Sacking of Fredericksburg

Published Date -  Chronology -

Return to referring page Beginning on the night of December 11, 1862 and continuing into the 12th, Fredericksburg suffered a level of destruction that had not been seen up to that time.  After the event about $170,000 in donations came to the city to cover part of the losses or about $3.6 to $3.7 million […]

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