The Renovation 2002-2011, Part 6- 10+ Discoveries made during the Renovation

1. Historic Items from the 2nd church found when the gallery floor was replaced.

2. Historic -Lenten card found with work in the gallery.

3. Costs – original cost in our booklet $3,175,000. Based on Contracts $3,474,784. We added decorative painting of $150,000. There were alterations to the gallery for the organ. Final cost $3.9MM.

4. Tax credits provided $700K through the state of Virginia. This was the first time an Episcopal church in Virginia had used this source in financing historical renovations.

5. Ceiling Study

6. What we missed! – Front steps would $84,510 in the years following

7. The need to move our archives to the Heritage Center. The old location would become the youth kitchen. They would be better protected in an climate controlled environment. Trip Wiggins formally became our archivist.

8. Work of the Color Committee on rediscovering the original colors and decorative paint. Use of 1906 photography was a key.

9. Documents – 1835 Reuben Thom treatise , 1841, Edward McGuire letter. These were previously unknown and found during the period when we placed our archives in the Heritage Center.

10. Bones found under Princess Anne Street when extending the water line to support the new sprinkler system

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