The Renovation 2002-2011, Part 2 – Project Description and Financing

While the entire project encompassed 2002-2011, the construction got underway in the fall of 2007 in Sydnor Hall, reinforcing the Nave floor and adding support for the future sprinkler system. The construction upstairs closed the church from January, 2008 until the rededication April, 2009. The church moved downstairs to Sydnor Hall. The organ was the last phase added to the church in late 2010 and dedicated in 2011.

This is an outline of what was done and the cost of the project.

The project was $3.9MM as it came to be. Original estimates were $3.175MM. The congregation covered $2.9MM and separately tax credits from the state of Virginia $700K, gifts for the kitchen $236K and other gifts make up the $4MM raised. To support his project the Church took out an unsecured line of credit from SunTrust for $2.3MM.

Daniel and Company in Richmond figure was $2MM which was the construction inside the church and the 3rd floor of McGuire. The organ from Parson was the next highest cost at close to $1MM.

Nave Renovation Project Description and Financing