The Renovation 2002-2011, Part 1 – 2 Campaign Booklets

The “Renovation” covered the time period from the organization of the Nave Renovation Task Force in 2002 to the dedication of the new organ in 2011.

Vestry Minutes, July 20, 2005
“Nick [Cadwallender] said he was taking the preliminary structural report of the Nave Renovation Task Force to the Architectural Review Board. Jim Wollon, the architect, will be here on Sunday, September 25, to present the current thinking of the Nave Renovation Task Force to the congregation at both the Adult Forum and at the coffee hour after the 11:00 a.m. service.”

Vestry Minutes, Aug 17, 2005
“At the regular meeting of the Vestry, jointly held with the NRTF, on September 21, architect Jim Wollon would present the NRTF’s proposal for renovating the nave and for making other improvements to the church. If approved, this same presentation would be made three times on Sunday, September 25, to the congregation after each service. The presentation would then be mailed to every member of the congregation the following day… The Fredericksburg Architectural Review Board (ARB) gave approval on August 8, 2005, to the potential exterior changes to the building, especially McGuire Hall.

1.. This is the document presented in 2005 and provides a good beginning statement to understanding the thoughts behind the renovation:


2. The second document is the campaign document from Feb, 2007 which was part of the fundraising campaign. This was the layout produced from the Church Episcopal Foundation who were our consultants in organizing the campaign.