The Preschool years 2013-2015, transition to expansion

Financial Summary

Students enrolled

After the first rocky year, the next year 2012-2013 was a one of transition year to improve the financials. 2013-2014 was noted with its smaller growth. The major year of expansion was  2014-2015 in both students and personnel. By the end of 2015, Shandel Perron was retiring as directory and Danielle Davis assumed that position.

2012-2013  helped to bring the school under control financially. The combination of better revenues through tuition and reduced expenses allowed for a surplus over the year for the first time.  Tuition advanced from $39.9K to $50.8K as children enrolled rose from 11 to 20.  The expense control was having the director become a lead teacher and reduce that salary from $21.5K to $12K as well other expenses reduced by $2K. They continued to get GEF funds of $6,300 plus other scholarship funds of $2,808 for a total of $9,108. They did more forms of fundraising – embarking on a silent auction, using the firm “Original Works: – to help produce a surplus for the first time

2013-2014 kept the director/head teacher, teacher and then brought in an assistant teacher. 6 of these students under scholarships, 5 full and one partial. This fulfilled the originally idea of 25% of the students being under scholarship.  The expansion in students was modest as the kindergarden program was dropped. The extra teacher helped in the “very hectic and full Mon-Wed-Fridays”.  For another year received GEF funds for scholarships $6300. Donations were $11.1K which included the preschool auction compared with $4K the previous year

2014-2015 was major expansion of the school 24-34 and the addition of 2 new staff positions for a total staff of 6.  “Our main challenge continues to be getting our scholarship students to attend regularly. A Spanish speaking translator to help communicate with parents might help with this”  This was achieved in the next year 2015-2016 with a Spanish speaking teacher.

An afternoon session was added. Of those students, 3 studetns stay for the afternoon session. Preschool parents were increasingly active involved in field trips, class parties and as classroom volunteers

They received half of the Christmas offering,2014 or $4,400 plus $1,000 Female Charity School grabt for scholarships, as well as a separate gift from a parishioner of $1,000 for assistant for the following year

They began the process gathering information/pricing for the installation of French doors between the two classrooms to allow for sharing of space and teaching staff during the school day.  This was completed in the summer of 2015 by Ralph Gordon