St. George’s Burials, 1859-1913

Trip Wiggins’ Research.

BCC = Baptised, Confirmed, Communicant at St. George’s
Note the column/remarks as to whether there is a death announcement/obit in the local newspaper.
Note: We have not yet (2016) found Rev Lanier’s lists of burials
Note: Names in [ ] come from a search of local cemetery records, death records, and the newspapers

Note: Locations of known cemeteries
St George’s cemetery – is at the church.
Masonic Cemetery – is at the corner of George and Charles streets in Fredericksburg, 1 block from St George’s
Fredericksburg City Cemetery – is at the corner of Amelia and Washington in Fredericksburg
Potter’s Field – WAS at the location of the present OLD Maury school in Fredericksburg. Graves removed in early 20th century to city cemetery and Confederate Cemetery (in City Cemetery).
Boscoebell –
Snowden –
Ken-More – located across Washington Blvd from First Christian Church in Fredericksburg. Originally a part of the Kenmore plantation owned by the Gordons. (Gordon named Fielding Lewis’ home “Kenmore.”)
Salvington –
Brooke’s Station –
Hopewell –
Bowling Green – in southeast Caroline county. I presume the town cemetery.
Traveller’s Rest –
Fall’s Cottage –
Forest Hill –
Brainfield –
Farley Vale –
Mansfield – located at the current Fredericksburg Country Club. Not sure if the cemetery is still extant.
Hamilton’s Crossing –

John Hennessey of the National Park Service commented on the number of burials performed by Rev. Randolph. (Search for “Randolph” below).

“That winter of 1861 into early 1862, what with the death of soldiers and all the children from the Scarlett Fever epidemic—what a time that was for Fredericksburg. That epidemic was likely the most deadly event in the town’s history. I wrote about it a few years, referencing your Evy and George Doswell.

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