Rededication of St. George’s, April 26, 2009

This service was the formal reopening of St. George’s after the Nave closed in January, 2008 for renovations. (The Church had continued in Sydnor Hall). It was Easter 3. You can find the bulletin here.

It is not only a record of this important service but also shows how St. George’s worshiped at that time. The service was closer to the Rite III service at 9am. The service provides a good look of the jazz band under the direction of John Vreeland and the choir.

Earl Baughman as the clerk of the works during the renovation and who had guided the Nave Renovation Taskforce was recognized. Some of the after service events are also shown.

It was Rev. Fletcher Wells last year at St. George’s. Rev. Jim Dannals was the rector and would be going out on sabbatical. The organ does not appear in the gallery since it was still under construction. Organ construction would appear in October, 2010. The organ dedication was in the next year.

The video was filmed by Ralph Powell as the far east side of the church on the graveyard side. The camera was stationary since Ralph was in the choir. Thanks to Ralph for providing this video for this site.

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Part 2

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