Profiles and Directories

Parish Profiles and Directories are similar in that they attempt to capture the life of the church at one point in time.

Parish Profiles are both a historic and marketing document. These profile is usually written as part of the transition process after a rector leaves to explore the life of the church in transition, its ministries, programs, history and organization. They are also marketing documents since they attempt to attract a priest by explaining what they are and would like to be. They often provide information not available or not easily accessible.

The directory is like a yearbook of parishioners of that time. If there is text, it may provide an introduction to the church and staff. The chief content of a directory are pictures and addresses of parishioners. In recent years churches have published an online versions and/or printed versions.

We have had 3 profiles done in recent years:
1. 1976- When Tom Faulkner retired while Charles Sydnor was the assistant
2. 2004 -When Charles Sydnor retired (2003) and before Jim Dannels became the rector (2004)
3. 2014 -When Jim Dannals departed (2013) and before Joe Hensley became the rector (2014)

There are several directories. The first three are online:
1. 1983
2. 1987-1988
3. 1990
4. 1994

A. Profiles
1. Parish Profile, 1976

2. Parish Profile, 2004

3. Parish Profile, 2014

B. Directories
1. 1983 Pictorial Directory

2. Winter 1987-1988 Directory

3. 1990 Directory – “Celebrating 270 Years”