Photography of St. George’s, interior – 1906

Photography of the interior tends to come in groups. Using modern digital photography we can zoom in and find details of the church in 1906 using only one photograph. These detailed pictures were provided by Earl Baughman and were a key influence on the renovation 2007-2011, particularly the decorative paint addition.

The church was full of religious symbolism in 1906 with Chi Rho and Alpha and Omega which today are found on Window #6. However, at the time of this renovation Window #6 in its present form did not exist. One can only wonder whether the window imitated the symbolism on the wall. One of the designs in 1906 is shown in today’s narthex.

The church in 1906 was still lit by gas. The Vestry had rejected electrifying the church in the 1890’s and would not occur until the 1920’s after the rectory had been done.

Note the reredos was not along the back wall. The reredos had a door leading to the Vestry room directly behind. The Vestry room was not eliminated until the 1925 renovation. The three stained glass windows you see are not situated on the rear wall but are on a partition. The partition was also removed in 1925.

We have an newspaper article concerning this renovation. Click on any of the pictures below to see a larger picture.