Photography of St. George’s, exterior – 1900-1930

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Photography progressed in the late 19th century so that the first years of the 20th century saw more pictures of the church. Kodak provided many of the innovations which allowed consumers to be their own photographers

  • 1888: First Kodak camera, containing a 20-foot roll of paper, enough for 100 2.5-inch diameter circular pictures.
  • 1889: Improved Kodak camera with roll of film instead of paper
  • 1900: Kodak Brownie box roll-film camera introduced.

The following pictures are the exterior only. You can click on the images for a larger view.

Note that several are postcards. Patch Magazine has an article about the evolution of postcards. Begun in France in the 1890’s, the ability to produce your own cards was limited in the US until 1898. Then, until 1907, the back was reserved only for the addressed but this changed in that year to provide your own space for a message as well as the address. At that point the market for cards dramatically expanded.