Parish Profile, 2004

Charles Sydnor announced his retirement in early January, 2003 with a last day of May 1.  The interim period allowed time  the Vestry to get started organizing a search committee which they did by Feb. 2003.  11 members were chosen: Mary Babbie, Earl Baughman, Jeanette Cadwallender, Alice Campbell, Ed Jones, Gayle Lea, Bobby Lee, Vicki Lewis, John Pearce, Ann Williams, and Barbara Willis. While there would be no youth members, Treas Seaver encourage them to consult with the youth .  Alan Gayle provided the following motion to the Vestry that “the Vestry believes that the youth’s voice is important to the search process and the search committee recognize that and make every effort to factor youth input into the search process.” 

They introduced themselves to the congregation on March 2. In April, 2003,  Ed Jones was chosen as chairman of the Rector Search Committee and Alice Campbell was Vice-Chair.

In May, 2003 two decisions had been made:  first to undertake the revision process of self-discovery for the church to build upon the Mutual Ministry Review effort of several years earlier and on the Long Range Planning Committee report.  The second decision was to hire a consultant to help through the entire process.  The Diocese would pay one-half of the consultant’s expenses and for all of the revision process.

In June, Steve Van Voorhees was chosen as their consultant.  The Committee  planned an August retreat to discuss ReVisioning implementation.

In September, the parish filled out a survey, questionnaires after each service. Small group Bible-based reflection groups of no more than 15 which would be held in the fall.

By November, the committee worked on the analysis of the Percept Context Report and the results of the Reflection Groups.  There would be another chance for the parish to weigh in before the parish profile was completed. 

The Vestry retreat in 2004 included a member from the Rector Search Committee presenting the results of the analysis of the Percept report and the reflection groups with the goal to discern what needs to be done in the short term at St. George’s

By March, 2004, Ed Jones presented the parish profile for approval by the Vestry.  This was the culmination of several months of work with the sources being the parish-wide survey, the reflection groups and other information. The Vestry approved the profile.

A CD ROM would  be inserted in the back page of the color 16 page profile. This CD contained more detailed information about the church, which prospective candidates could review.

The Diocese approved the Parish Profile by April, 2004 and St. George’s accepted name until May 31, 2004.  Visits to a selected group of candidates will occur the summer of 2004.

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The Profile was on a CD and made into separate site