Nave Renovation Meeting, Sept. 25, 2005 – Church and Sydnor Hall

This was a significant Sunday in the history of the Nave Renovation process. The Nave Renovation Task Force had come into existence in 2002 shortly after AIM 2000 under Rev. Bill Pregnall. Now 4 years later after study, hiring an architect and consulting with diverse members of the Parish, they were ready to show the renovation plans to the Congregation.

There was a booklet prepared which is shown here. It is the first document.

The video provides a look into the church before the renovation in the opening video of John Pearce, introduced by the Rev. Jim Dannals, providing a few words about the process. You can see the chancel before the choir and organ moved to the gallery. Next in Sydnor Hall which was then the Family Room, Earl Baughman introduces Jim Wollon, architect who provided the conceptual work for the renovation. He provides an interesting history of churches in Virginia with which he was familiar and then the modifications he was proposing for St. George’s.

We would like to thank Ralph Powell for filming this video and for providing it for this website.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5