National Park Service at St. George’s, Dec. 10, 2016, “Voices from the Storm”

Update July 10, 2017. The Video has been posted here.

Approximately 250 people crowded into St. George’s on a cold, but clear night to hear a presentation of the Battle of Fredericksburg told through first person accounts. The text was written by chief historian John Hennessey and featured known accounts by Jane Beale, Fanny White and Mamie Wells but many new works and stories from the period. St. George’s bell, clock, the effort to hit the steeple and the rectory at 303 Hanover played into the story. Readers stood up to tell the story from the people of the time with a dramatic backdrop of photographs, drawings and paintings from the time.

Fredericksburg story was unique with the first amphibious landing from a invading enemy, the battle that played out through the town and involved civilians as never before, the depopulation and the destruction that resulted. There were many touches of humanity, such as Buck Denby from Mississippi rescuing a 3 year old girl from harms way during the fighting in the streets on Dec. 11 and then finding the mother after the battle to return her and was embarrassed to give her mother a kiss.





Here is a photo gallery focusing on the images presented. Click on the image for a larger view: