McGuire’s List of “Men and Women in this Town and Neighbourhood”, November, 1843

This list was transcribed in 1964 by Mrs. James F. King from Manassas, Va based on a manuscript she owned by Rev. Edward McGuire “Men and Women in this Town and Neighbourhood.” We would infer these are parishioners but it doesn’t say this. The Central Rappahannock Regional Library has this based on Barbara Willis’ correspondence with Mrs. King

Also note McGuire is still using a British spelling. The movement away from English spellings began in 1828 with Noah Webster first dictionary, A Compendious Dictionary of the English Language . The spellings were gradually implemented but it took years.

Since our records from 1817-1865 were burned at the end of the Civil War any records of this period are valuable. The next step would be research into these people to learn more