Marriages from Newspaper announcements and Minister Returns

Trip Wiggins’ Research.

3 Virginia Herald, 11 Feb 1829
7 Knorr, Catherine. “Marriage Bonds Fredericksburg VA 1782-1850”
8 Spotsy Co Marriage Bonds (transcribed 1939 by Joel Ricks) [DAR Library]
9 Delano, E Carter. “Bible Records of Wm Wiatt and his son Francis Julian Wiatt”, Tyler’s Quarterly, Vol 10, pp 12-18
10 Taliaferro Family Records, William & Mary Quarterly, 2nd series, Vol 1, pp 148-155
11 Caroline Co. Marriage Records, VMHB Vol 22 p 431; Vol 23 pp 199-200
12 Marriage Notices in Virginia Herald, 1790, 1791, 1799, 1800. VMHB Vol 30 pp 68-70
14 Marriages of Fredericksburg 1782-1850 from Loose Papers, compiled by Catherine L Knorr, 1954 (McGuire entries were noted as “Minister Returns.” VERY FEW minister’s returns were seen from any church. The only other of note was Rev Wilson (Presby Ch) and then less then 10 entries.)
15 Minister Returns, Fredericksburg Court Records, 1815-1850 (Stopped returns in 1850. EXTENSIVE returns for other area ministers.)
16 Fredericksburg Weekly Advertiser, Vol 35, 3 Sep 1853
19 Fisher, Teresa. Marriages of Caroline County, VA 1777-1853 (1998)
20 Bernard Henley Index of Marriages & Obituaries, Library of Virginia (based on Richmond and Fredericksburg newspaper marriage announcements) []
21 Fisher, Teresa. “Fredericksburg & Stafford Marriages 1851-1900”
23 Lee, Elizabeth. “King George Marriages, Vol 1, 1786-1850”
25 Spiritual Diary of Edward C McGuire Jan 1819-May 1823 (transcribed); VTS Library
27 Fredericksburg Marriage Register Book 2 (1854-19??), Fredericksburg CH Annex
28 Stafford Marriages 1853-1927 (2 McGuire entries)
29 Atlantic Monthly, Vol 79, Jan 1897 (Google Books), article on Spotswood “The Lady and the Parson” mentions marriage

Still need to view Fredericksburg Marriage Records (microfilm at library) 1851-1913, and surrounding counties

I have consulted Fredericksburg, Caroline and Spotsy Marriage Records and the Fredericksburg News and Virginia Herald to check spellings

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