Hot Dogs for Haiti, an annual Dec. event

Hot Dogs for Haiti began by the youth selling hot dogs in the Christmas parade of 2012. The program (though probably not the hot dogs themselves) has steadily grown. (Well almost.- the weather was not good in 2014. )

Overall, gross revenues have increased from $1,425 in 2012 to $2,681 in Dec, 2015. In 2016 the funds after paying expenses contributed to travel for 4 missioners to Haiti in the total of $1,781. 3 years earlier it in 2013 it paid for $1,100 of medical expenses for a mission trip.

Another event benefiting Haiti has been the year end concert. In 2015, the end of the year concert provided $929. The proceeds paid for yearbooks to display the pictures of Haiti children as well as to purchase handicrafts to then sell at St. George’s, adding funds back to the program.