History is now Justice! 2011-16

“History is now!” Many historians avoid writing a history of recent times with the idea that there needs to be a period between the end of certain events and the writing of history. However, it is helpful for our time and later to make a stab at themes that run through the period

Such is the case from 2011-16. The thread running through the period is that St. George’s promotes justice and reconciliation. Justice involves promoting fairness that has been altogether missing. Justice for those felt the effects of racism (service on reconciliation), justice for those experience food insecurity (Table), justice for those who experience calamities (Haiti earthquake). In all of these the church builds relationships and provides steps which offer both hope and sustenance.

The church helps removes many of the limits that people who benefit from these ministries face. The Table created in 2011 exhibits economic justice – the ability to shop for one of the basic needs in life, food without constraints. The preschool from the same period also promotes economic justice since 25% of the spots were for children who could not afford the regular price. The service on reconciliation could not benefit, obviously, those who felt the effects of slavery. However, the service and these other efforts help remove barriers between current residents in this area.

In 2017, thought was given to creating a separate Justice commission. However it was decided to keep it under Outreach. In 2016-17, the idea of Justice was taken in new directions – organizing efforts against the death penalty and the creation of an Environmental group who tackled justice for the earth.