Haiti mission in 2016

Outline of an adult forum on Jan 8, 2016

Past: What have we accomplished?

-Timeline of Partnership and events – brief overview

-Fundraising in the last year – brief overview

            *30 Scholarships to cover tuition – pamphlets mailed in, in pews

            *School supplies

            *5th Annual Hot Dogs for Haiti – now in Faulkner Hall

*Haitian crafts…sold at St. George’s in December

*Half of the Christmas offering

            *New Year’s Eve concerts

-Trips in the last year – brief overview

            *February 2016

            *October 2016

            *April or May 2017

-Microfinance project – brief overview

            *Focus group in February

            *Hopefully completion soon, machine in customs in PAP

-Health Classes – brief overview

            *Introduction of health classes, given by Denise Grim

-Pere Fanfan’s visit planned for June

            *Meet with Ben Hicks, lay out finances

            *Donor Dinner – Fan can meet with donors


Future: Where are we going?

-Future of the Partnership

*Where is the partnership headed?

What would we like from Notre Dame?

Ask Fanfan what would he give?

Altar supplies?

*Where would St. George’s like to go with the partnership?

Visit by one of the doctors – Dr. Rousse?

*What does the congregation expect of the Haiti Team?

Continued communication about mission

*What contact would the congregation like with Notre Dame?

Video of choir

Exchange songs 

How to share culturally w sister church

Share stories of adults in the community 

*How do we include more St. Georgian’s on mission trips?

Share art w preschool (white bags)

Share “Humans of Haiti” format

Share “Humans of Vestry” format