Conversation with Tom and Mary Faulkner, Aug. 10, 1993

John Pearce and Fielding Lewis sat down with Tom Faulkner to review his time at St. George’s on Aug. 10, 1993. 1993 was a period when the church was involved in the process of writing the master plan for what became Aim 2000. They were reaching back in St. George’s history for insights. Mary Faulkner joins in later during this 40 minute tape.

Tom Faulkner was born in 1908 so this conversation would have been his 85th year at the time of this taping. He served as rector of St. George’s from 1946-1976. Mary was born in 1919 and was 74 years of age. Tom died in 1993 and Mary in 2008.

Thanks to Trip Wiggins for supplying the tape. The quality is rough as it was recorded in a dictaphone machine. The quality does improve during the conversation.

Thanks to Ralph Powell for converting the audio cassette to a digital format, a task that took many failed starts before getting it converted. We appreciate Ralph’s diligence.

The tape begins after 15 seconds when Tom makes a quip about Trinity putting in kneelers when St. George’s put in cushions. That would have been in 1954.

Much of the early conversation surrounds the 1877 split that led to the creation of Trinity. Tom has difficulty recalling Joseph Walker’s name (1854-1943) who played a role.

One surprising part of the tape was Tom’s disappointment in the role that he expected to play to further college ministry at then Mary Washington College, today the University of Mary Washington. Other subjects in the conversation include the purchase of the rectory on Cornell Street, the creation of McGuire Hall and even the Dragnet dances.