Children in Mission, 2010


From the April and June, 2010 newsletters

“We have added something new this year, a mission trip for our fourth and fifth graders. May 14th we head to Richmond and Camp Hanover for a weekend of fun and fellowship and hard work. The kids will be working in the Giving Garden, a garden that grows food for a pantry that will supply good fresh, organic food to 120 folks who have little access to such fresh, healthy food. We will till and plant all day Saturday- green beans and squash. On Sunday we will have a prayer service of our own followed by team building on the low ropes course. Donations of seeds are welcome and we will have a basket handy to collect your donations.

“On a hot day in May, six St. George’s kids and two grownups joined up with five kids and a couple of grownups and headed south to Camp Hanover. There were a few spiders, a couple of ticks and lots of laughs before we had even unpacked! The next day we drove into the city and worked, and worked and worked and planted a garden that will provide one bag of fresh veggies for 80 Head Start families child weekly.

“They were so tired that they crawled back to camp thinking everyone would be sound asleep by 8 pm. Not So! We played games with gum and apples and roasted marshmallows and laughed and played. Finally we gathered for compline and shared about our day. The kids were amazing.

“Sunday was a day of challenges with a climbing wall, a monkey bridge and a balance beam. Once again we laughed until we could laugh no more. Going home was good because we missed our moms and dads, our beds and showers but bad because our adventure came to end….”