Chancel Objects

Elements Table, Chancel

(Brass Maltese Cross)

 Sallie Doggett (1861-1893) wife of A. C. Doggett (1852-1916)

To the Glory of God And in Loving Memory of Sallie  R  Doggett Entered Into Rest March 15, 1893

“For all Thy Saints who from Thy Labors Rest, Thy Name O Jesus, Be forever Blest.” Alleluia

  1. Hymn Boards

Lanier, Rev. John L. & Susan [Hymm Boards, Nave] Dedicated to the Glory of God

And in the Memory of the Rev John L. Lanier BD And his Wife

Susan Battey Connelly Lanier Rector of St. George’s Church 1913 – 1922

Lanier was the rector of St. George’s from 1913-1922. He was the most prolific author of St. George’s rectors, the author of 9 volumes

  1. [Epistle side, Eagle stand, Nave]

“In 1895 Mrs. Annie T. Harrison of Philadelphia, a generous friend of St. George‚Äôs on numerous occasions, presented the congregation with ‘a very beautiful and costly antique brass’ lectern.” It honored George and Louisiana Rothrock. Quenzel, Pg. 57

George Rothrock (1798-1865) is buried in our graveyard and was in the hardware business and fabricated various items –  Blacksmith tiles. Brass candlesticks and general assortment of copper and tin wire. He also served on the Vestry beginning in 1824.

To the Glory of God Almighty and in Loving Memory of my Parents George  W  Rothrock and Louisiana J. Rothrock Entered Into Life Eternal Dec. 9th 1865 and Jan. 25th 1888   To Testify The Gospel Of The Grace of God

  1. Table

Nephews, nieces of A. W. Wellington Wallace IMO Judge and Mrs. Wellington Wallace, 1931

Quenzel, Page 67

We remember Wallace at St. George’s in two areas:

Wellington Wallace served the second longest term on the St. George’s vestry , first from Dec. 3, 1881- April 18, 1881 and then from March 26, 1883 to Dec. 31, 1922.  The total years was 42, half of his 84 years.  He was also a trustee of St. George’s beginning in 1902.   He served St. George’s both at the Diocese level and General Convention.

Secondly, he was extremely generous to the church. A. Wellington Wallace left $6,100 to the Benevolent  Society for the “benefit of needy, poor widows of the city of Fredericksburg over fifty years of age, in the months of December, January, February, and March for their imminent need each year.”   This became a separate fund in his name with $5,000 invested in bonds.  Towards the end of his life in 1926 he donated $500 to the church debt retirement fund which was matched by the Vestry members at the time.

His wife also provided gifts to the church. Victoria S. Wallace donated 9 stained glass windows to the Church in January, 1908

Quenzel, Page 67

  1. Pulpit 

In 1897, the ladies of the Church gave the present pulpit, replaced the existing lectern and provided a new covering for the communion table.

  1. Credence Table

credence table, pew for rector’s family 

Dr. A. C. Doggett          Quenzel, Page 66 

  1. Plaque

Bishop Phillips Brooks preached his first sermon in this church on July 3, 1859 after his ordination as deacon. 

  1. Processional Cross

1940       Mary Helen Mount         Processional Cross           Quenzel, Page 68

  1. Flags

Edgar M. Young Church and service flags for Capt. Edgar M. Young Jr.

Edgar Young was junior warden, senior warden and member of the Vestry from the 1922 to the time of his death in 1944.  He served on the property committee, was an auditor of books and was a treasurer even longer (29 years).  He also is noted for keeping the “pew books” of who had ownership or renting the pews 

  1. Kneeling cushions

The 7 cushions were completed from 1975-1978  under chair person Ruby Harris. Designs were done by Mrs. Edmund Pendleton III. The symbols include Iris (Mary) , Crown (Jesus as the King), Lamb of God (Jesus), Hand (God), Dove (Holy Spirit). 7 gifts of the spirit, the shield