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St. George’s Civil War – Part 1 – An Introduction

Published Date - January 28,2020  Chronology -

Return to referring page 150 years after the Civil War, Fredericksburg remains a richly stocked laboratory for studying that conflict. You can see it in the homes and buildings that remain from the conflict; you can feel it in the vivid descriptions left by soldiers and observers.  Rather than only a study of the combat, […]

Celebrating the Holy Eucharist – Remembering the Paschal Mystery

Published Date - November 09,2019  Chronology - 1991

“I’m going to be talking with you now about what happens in our worship, especially in our eucharistic worship”

John Pearce, obituary, Oct. 20, 2019

Published Date - October 23,2019  Chronology - 2019

John Newton Pearce, 84, died Monday, October 14, 2019. His funeral was at St. George’s on Oct 21

Accessibility Ramps from 2006 to 2018

Published Date - May 24,2019  Chronology - 2006

St. Georges became involved in 2006 in creating disability ramps in the context of the Lutheran Episcopal Covenant of 1997. Then over a decade later this same concept was pushed by a third party with a larger workforce and goals in mind and became SAWS of Virginia and launched at St. George’s

George Washington re-enactment Memorial Service, Dec. 12, 1999

Published Date - May 19,2019  Chronology - 1999

On December 15, 1799, George Washington died of a throat infection at his home in Mount Vernon. This is a re-enactment service 200 years later at St. George’s.

Oral History, Elizabeth Roberson, 2017

Published Date - January 16,2019  Chronology - 2017

The interview was done for 300th anniversary celebration of St. George’s parish. This is an oral history with Elizabeth Roberson who was secretary at St. George’s Episcopal Church, Fredericksburg, Virginia, 1959 – 1996.

Oral History, The Reverend Charles R. Sydnor, Jr.

Published Date - January 15,2019  Chronology - 2018

This is an oral history with the Reverend Charles R. Sydnor, Jr., assistant rector, 1973 – 1976 and rector 1976 – 2003 done by Beth Daly with Barbara and Mac Willis

Photos to accompany Charles Sydnor, oral history

Published Date -  Chronology - 2018

Photos to accompany Charles Sydnor oral history, circa 1995-2000’s

Organic Gardening with the Faulkners

Published Date - October 19,2018  Chronology - 1978

“Not only they are producing vegetables for their own table and pantry, they are selling produce, and a tithe of their overall gardening savings is going to a project dear to their hearts…From asparagus to zucchini, the wall-to-wall garden is a grand production.” Thanks to Jinxi Forbush for the article

St. George’s added to Virginia Landmarks Register

Published Date - October 13,2018  Chronology - 2018

St. George’s engaged Dovetail Cultural Research Group of Fredericksburg to provide the research and application to the Virginia Landmarks Register in 2017. This was made possible by the gift of Barbara and Mac Willis. The process was finalized at the end of July, 2018.

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