Books of the Rectors – Part 2 – John Jabez Lanier

John Lanier is our most prolific author. Lanier was the rector of St. George’s from 1913-1922. All of these books are available online. Here are a list of his books:

Kinship of God and Man : Vol 1 -The New and the Old Theology, An Attempt to Formulate a Thorough-going Trinitarian Theology(1902)
Kinship of God and Man : Vol 2 – The Master Key(1902)
Kinship of God and Man : Vol 3 – The American Church (1903)
Prayer : The Soul’s Sincere Desire (Fredericksburg, Va. 1914)
Why I am a Christian (Fredericksburg, Va. 1914)
The Larger Church (Fredericksburg, Va. 1915)
The Song of Life (Norwood, Mass., J. S. Cushing co., 1919)
Masonry and Citizenship, (Fredericksburg, Va., (1921)
The Master Mason, (Fredericksburg, Va., 1922)
The Daughter of Hiram Abif; A Story of Three Thousand Years Ago (New York, Macoy Pub. and Masonic Supply Co., 1922)
Washington, the Great American Mason, (New York : Macoy Publishing & Masonic Supply Co., 1922)

We have several of these volumes provided by a friend of Dr. Lanier, Dr. W. L. Bond who owned Bond’s Drug store on the corner of William and Caroline during Lanier’s time. 3 volumes were gifts at Christmas, 2014 and inscribed by the author – 3 volumes of Kinship of God and Man out of 4 volumes: