Bishop Johns on the “Life and Labors” of Edward McGuire

Bishop Johns delivered the funeral oration of Edward McGuire in 1858. Then when Johns died in 1876, Quenzel in his history of St. George’s writes “the vestry had St. George’s Church draped with mourning for thirty days. At the expiration of this time the mourning was distributed amongst the poor of the town.” Obviously there was a connection between Bishop and Church and Bishop and Rev. McGuire.

We don’t have Johns funeral oration for Rev. McGuire. However, a year later this article appeared in the “Protestant Episcopal Quarterly Review”. It was entitled “Rev. Edward C. McGuire, D. D. Sketch of his Life and Labors”. Johns name does not appear with the article but a copy of the article is at Virginia Theological Seminary with his name attached to it.

From Wikipedia – “John Johns (July 1796 – April 4, 1876) was the fourth Episcopal bishop of Virginia. He led his diocese into secession and during the American Civil War and later tried to heal it through the Reconstruction Era. Johns also served as President of the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg before that war, and led and taught at the Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria after the war.” He was the Assist Bishop 1842-1862 at the time he wrote this article and bishop after William Meade died in March 1862

Here is the article:

Rev. Edward C. McGuire, D.D. Sketch of his Life and Labors -1859-original_4