AIM 2000 – The Cast!

casofstgeorges2Wendy Cannon in 1998 presented a fund raising idea for AIM 2000 calleed CAST. Christ Church in Alexandria had raised $500,000, St Martin’s in Williamsburg raised $200,000. It was approved by the Vestry.

CAST is an acronym for “Come and Share Talents”. Each member of the congregation is asked to try to raise $1,000 using their time and talents. The program typically was run in limited time points, 18, 24, or 36. The Vestry would go for the shorter term. The program would extend from April, 1999 to December, 2000.

The program would run like a play with one producer overseeing the project. Several producers would oversee individual projects. Parishioners would be encouraged to provide funds up front needed to start the project. Once money comes in they would be reimbursed or they could use the funds as seed for a new project. Besides raising money, the program could help bring people together and also help those who cannot afford to pledge.

30 projects registered in 1999 . The goal was 200. The narthex was decorated with fishnet filled with fish to represent projects. CAST was directed by a separate board and for publicity there was a bulletin board for people to check the news. In the end Cast projects funds raised were $20,096.05.



By 2000, the following projects were organized: