A Single Year with Outreach -2009

Editor’s comments – One year in the life of Outreach provides a an overview of the work of this important commission and expression of St. George’s in the world during the early Dannals’ years .

As we enter a new year, it is always helpful to know just what is going on in the life of outreach at St. George’s Episcopal Church. Below you will find a month-by-month listing of events that are held by the church and by organizations that are supported by all of us. In addition, you will find a quick blurb telling what each of these events is and who to contact for more information about the events.

January – The Empty Bowl—a fundraiser for the Rappahannock Council on Domestic Violence the empty bowl has area artisans make pottery and donate the bowls. People purchase a bowl and then can sample soups from area restaurants. For more information, please contact Kelly Sparr.

April – Accessibility Weekend—Every April St. Georgians and Parishioners from Christ Lutheran Church get together to live into the call to common ministry. We identify a house in the Fredericksburg area that needs handicap renovating and then renovate the house. Please contact Fletcher Wells for more information.

June – Camp Coast Care—this organization helps people come down to the Gulf Coast to rebuild after the devastation left by Hurricane Katrina. Right now St. George’s sends two different groups one in the early summer and one at years end. For more information, please contact Kelly Sparr.

July – Rosebud Mission Trip—every year an ecumenical group of about 30 people led by St. Georgians heads off to the Rosebud Lakota Indian reservation in South Dakota for a week of labor on houses and other structures. For more information, contact Fletcher Wells in the church office.

– FredCamp—a mission of our youth, FredCamp was started by St. George’s and now involves youth and adults from over seven area churches. Every year houses are identified and then repaired. For more information, please contact Pam Jewett-Bullock.

August – School Dressing Days—this ministry happens every August just before school begins. It gives area families who would not otherwise have the resources to gather new clothes, school supplies, and even a new backpack. Contact Fletcher Wells in the church office for more information.
-Our Little Roses—a mission trip of St. George’s, this trip focuses on building relationships with young orphaned girls in Honduras. The trip is one week long and led by Kitty Wafle and Janice Brunson.

October – Outreach Sunday—This day gives the outreach commission a chance to showcase the organizations with whom we work. At this time, organizations come and give out information about their ministries. Please contact Fletcher Wells for more information.

November – The Chili Chowda Cook-off—this cook-off is the chief fundraiser for the Outreach Commission every year. Usually held in the fall of every year we took this year off because of the renovation. St. Georgians and community members come every year bringing their best chili and chowder, some come armed with spoons! If you would like to know more about this, please contact Lolli Fensterer.

December – The Giving Tree—every year a Christmas tree is placed in the Narthex of the church with different colored tags adorning the tree. These tags have different gift ideas on them to help families at the Rappahannock Council on Domestic Violence (RCDV). Contact Kelly Sparr for more information about this ministry.
-Hope House Festival of Trees—This fundraiser for the Hope House, an area transitional housing program, is supported by our teens. Every year our youth decorate a Christmas tree with hats, gloves, and scarves for the Hope House children. Please contact Fletcher Wells for more information.
-Cookie Connection—a fundraiser for The Rappahannock Council Against Sexual Assault, every year in early December St. Georgians help to bake and sell cookies. Some cookies are even baked by Eileen’s Café! This fundraiser is a good way to stock up on Cookies just before the holidays. For more information, contact Tim Davis.

On Going Ministries – Youth Soup Kitchen—Every second Wednesday St. Georgian’s make around 125 meals for people who are homeless or have very little money. They then, along with our youth, take the meals out to four different sites in the city of Fredericksburg. For more information talk to Wendy Gayle.

-Food Pantry—St George’s has a food pantry, which is currently supported by our children. Every week our children and their families bring in food for the pantry and every week we give out food to feed twenty to forty-five people. Contact Sue Shunk in the office.
-Fredericksburg Food Pantry—every month St. Georgians go to the Fredericksburg food pantry and help people with food assistance. For more information, please talk to Gayle Lea or Fletcher Wells.