20th Century Interior photos

The following changes can be used to date interior pictures of the church:

1. 1906 – renovation had the partition, Vestry Room and decorative paint

2. 1925 – renovation eliminated the partition, Vestry Room. Decorative paint eliminated between 1925-54. As part of that process Church pews #1,#2,#3,#4 on the left or north side were taken out.

3. 1947 -Bookracks and kneeling benches were given to the church in Edgar Young’s memory

4. 1954 – Reredos taken out of church . Saying above chancel “Take Heed Therefore How Ye Hear” eliminated.

5. 1990’s – Altar pulled out, wooden cross in chancel.

6. 2000- Reredos repaired and reinstalled.

7. 2001 – “In 2001 a lift was added which allowed wheelchair access from the “family room”, the parish hall located directly under the nave, into the nave itself. This required two changes to the pews… First, the second set of four pews which flanked the original pulpit had to be removed to accommodate the structure for the lift. Secondly, once someone in a wheelchair reached the nave, they needed a place to “park” for the service or event they were attending. The existing pews obviously would not accommodate a wheelchair, and the two outside pews on the right side at the front of the nave were reconfigured to provide a suitable space. The pew floor in that area was lowered to the level of the aisles; the two pews were removed; and the two pew doors were adjusted so that they provided an opening twice the width of a single door” (Earl Baughman).

8. 2008-2009 – “Two changes are part of the 2008-2009 renovation. First, first two pews adjacent to the center aisle were eliminated and floor lowered to the same level as the aisles. This was done to add more space for special ceremonies, such as baptism, weddings and funerals as well as handicapped access. Secondly, a new handicapped extension was put in the south, right hand aisle rear. This was allow handicapped persons an option of not having to occupy the front of the Church.” (Earl Baughman)

9. 2011- Renovation eliminated the organ pipe room in NW transept. The organ returned to the gallery, Choir stalls eliminated with choir returning to gallery. Decorative paint added throughout the church.

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