1906 Renovation

1906_800pxDaily Star, October 31, 1906

Interior Improvements to St George’s Completed.

The Color Scheme in Exquisite Taste – Exterior Will Now Be Painted, Etc

“It would be difficult for any one not an artist to describe the improvements that have recently been completed in St. George’s Episcopal church.

“The entire vestibule has been tiled with grey and brown tiles, and its walls have
been tinted a very deep cream color,white the ceiling has been finished in small rolled iron squares.

“The body of the church has been frescoed throughout. The wainscoting is a Nile green, the walls the yellow green now the favorite color of some of the principal church decorators in the country. The calling has been smoothed into broad panels by the campo board and tinted in delicate green with gold borders. The divisions between wainscoting and walls are marked by dotted bands of old rose, and the overhead, sides, above the gallery and under the cornices with a deep border of intricate cross design.

“The arches are centered with medal-ions in which the symbols of the name of our Lord are wrought in gold.

“The chancel has its memorial window blended in one group by diaper work, and on each side are Easter lilies in faces. The general effect of the color scheme is quiet and restful to the eye, not elaborate or ornate, but wrought out in exquisite taste by the artist, G. M. Strueby, of Washington. A new deep green carpet has been put down in the aisles and on the chancel floor, and a chaste chaste and exquisite brass communion rail, the gift of Mrs. George W. Heflin, a devoted member pf the congregation, adds to the beauty of the chancel.

“The organ has been put in thorough repair and lights of increased candle power replace some of the former brackets.

“The outside of the church will be painted in a few weeks, and then the congregation of St, George’s will have a place of worship worthy of their liberality and an attraction and an ornament to the entire community.

“The body of the church will be open for service next Sunday, when – the Holy communion will be administered by the rector, Rev. Dr. R. J. McBryde according to the regular order of the church.